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At A To Z Eye Care, we strive to provide great vision care to everyone who steps foot into our office. From your first eye exam to finding your perfect pair of glasses, we work with you to find your personal prescription for healthy eyesight, clear vision and sophisticated style. With us you are a valued client, friend of the practice and fellow member of our Arcata community.

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Your eye health starts with a comprehensive eye exam with our highly trained team of optometric assistants, opticians and optometrists. This examination helps us determine your exact prescription, test for any diseases and document the overall health of your eyes. We recommend a yearly eye exam starting at 6 months of age to maintain good health.

Additional services include:

  • Contact Lens Services: With the continuing advancements made in contact lens technology, our doctors are committed to offering the latest care to give you the best vision possible. We provide services for an initial fitting, annual evaluations and contact lens re-fitting.
  • Medical Services: Eye exams can find more than poor vision. Using state of the art instrumentation, we perform ocular disease screenings and monitor for early eye changes associated with systematic disorders. Early diagnosis and treatment are important for not only good vision, but also your overall health.
  • Lasik: We offer Lasik co-management services for our patients that are interested in 20/20 vision without the help of prescription glasses or contact lenses.
  • Pediatric Eye Exams: It is recommended by the American Optometric Association that your child have their first eye exam between the age of 6 and 12 months. Even if no vision problems are apparent, early diagnosis is crucial as children are often more responsive to treatment at a young age.

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Here at A to Z Eye Care we believe in a proactive approach to your eye health. From correcting vision to finding the perfect pair of stylish eyewear, we are dedicated to offering our patients an enjoyable experience and encourage them to take an active role in managing the health of their eyes. Whether you have never had an eye exam or are researching Lasik, we are happy to help you on your path to healthier, clearer vision. Please contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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